What You Need To Know About Social Media Hacking

Various social media platforms are present now. People everywhere and anywhere use these platforms. Almost anyone can be found on them, social media through the years have become something like the main connection of everyone in the world. With the internet of today you can be connected to anyone in the world. Sound ideal right? What some people may not acknowledge however is the harm that their accounts can do to them if it gets hacked.

Here are some of the common platforms used today:

  • Facebook – probably the catalyst to all social media platform. This platform is used to share anything in the internet. It is also a common place for shopping as many people uses this platform to sell stuff.
  • Instagram – this platform is dedicated to share pictures and videos it is used as some sort of a worldwide album. You can view anyone’s pictures of as long as you follow them.
  • Twitter – this platform is mainly used to share your thoughts and opinions.

Why is it so scary to be hacked?
Personal information is stored in your account. If your account will be hacked then the hacker will have unlimited access to all your personal information.

Your information can be used to extort, stalk and blackmail you. If information that is so private and crucial will be accessed by the wrong person then you will be in deep trouble.

Your information can be used to identity theft. Someone can steal your identity and use your name to things that you cannot imagine. Furthermore if they commit crimes then you will be the on liable not them.

Are you in need of hackers?
InstaPort is a group that provides hacking services to people. They have developed a software that if installed to your cellphone you will be able hack anyone’s account.