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Recreational Facilities Near The New Normanton Park Condos

Beauty of Singapore
Singapore is a wealthy and beautiful country that is truly a sight to behold. One must consider going in here as a part of his/her dream destination. You can see that their city is very urbanized but still it has lots of greeneries in it. Not only all that because at the heart of its country but you could also find tons of tall buildings within it. Moreover, you get to find lots of condominium development projects that are building within it. One of the rising condominiums in here is Normanton Park.

This rising infrastructure is located at District 5 Pasir Panjang/Buian Vista and near Kent Ridge Park which can be used by many as a place to go by with their families for bonding purposes. Also, it has a vast area measuring of 661,005 square feet and consist of 1856 apartments and 8 shops in it. In addition to that, the condo owners get to see a beautiful view of greeneries nearby or the sea along the coast.

Consideration of Staying Here
This park has lots to offer including the fact that it is located near a science park and the Maple tree Business City which is good for owners who are single or those couples who plan on starting their own family. Moreover, its location is very good for those people who love nature itself as there are tons of parks located near this development site. You may try to go to Kent Ridge Park or One Normanton Park whichever you like. You may go as well at Hort Park and Southern Ridges if you wanted to. Furthermore, transportation comes easy as it is located near MRT stations that could lead you into your traveling destinations quickly.

All-in-all, living in this condominium ensures that you and your family could have a wonderful experience living here so why don’t you give it a try.