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How To Get Rid Of A Tree Stump For Good

Everyone knows the benefits that trees provide to our environment. However, in order for certain developments to happen, one must make necessary sacrifices.

Most of the time, this entails removing trees in a certain area just to push through with the project. However, the government came up with certain laws on tree protection.

Certain permits must be procured prior to tree cutting. After all the necessary paper works are done, then one can proceed with having the tree professionally cut. After everything’s done, the only thing that’s left is a stump.

Tree stumps need to be removed since they can be unsightly to look at, as well as take up valuable planting space. But, how do you remove a tree stump? Certainly, stump grinding in Mount Pleasant SC can make it happen for you.

How do arborists carry out stump grinding?

  1. Prepare the following tools for stump grinding.
    • Grinder
      • Heavy duty machines that weight about a 1,000 pounds.
      • Power tool attachment that removes tree stumps using a rotating cutting disc by chipping away at the wood.
    • Shovel
    • Mattock
    • Chainsaw
    • Rake
  2. Using the shovel or mattock, remove any rocks surrounding the stump area. Rocks can either damage the cutting teeth or make them dull.
  3. Using a chainsaw, cut up as much of the remaining stump, making it as close to the ground as possible. This step can be omitted, but doing this additional step will hasten the process.
  4. Use a hydraulic lever to raise the grinder wheel a few inches above the stump. Properly position the wheel toward the stump’s front edge. Turn on the grinder, setting it initially at 3. Use the lever to move the grinder side to side.
  5. Raise the wheel after grinding about 4 inches of the stump. Reposition the grinder and repeat the entire process.

Since stump grinding is a dangerous process, professionals take safety precautions at all cost. They wear the appropriate protective gear, at the same time stay behind the control panel rather than near the cutting wheel.